Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie will not make an appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace this year. Following the official announcement, many reportedly blamed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Royal observers and experts pointed fingers at the former working royals as to why other members of the family, like the two York princesses, "have to suffer," according to Express UK. Some even pointed out that it is “unfair” for the royal-born Princesses, who are deemed to be “well-loved but lesser-known” British Royals.

Royal editor Richard Eden recently said that while the Queen’s decision was “the right one,” it is still “sad” for the monarch’s other grandchildren. He emphasized that, due to the Duke of Sussex’s absence, it means the public will “never see” the minor royals on the balcony “ever again.”

Eden continued that the annual balcony appearance is a “chance” for the rest of the British Royal Family “to get together and celebrate” Queen Elizabeth II. It is an opportunity for the extended members, like Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, to “feel part of the family.”

But, they all reportedly “have to suffer” the consequences of the actions of other royals, namely, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as well as Prince Andrew. Their “disloyalty” is claimed to be the cause of it all.

Despite this, though, the royal expert praised the British Monarch for her “wise judgment.” While she was not able to attend the Opening of Parliament due to mobility issues, “she can still make [right] decisions.”

The talks about the annual balcony appearance of the British Royals have become more apparent in recent days. It all comes after Buckingham Palace released an official statement regarding the tradition earlier this month.

It informed the public that Queen Elizabeth II decided to limit the members of the family who will make an appearance at this year’s Trooping the Color appearance on the balcony of the palace. Alongside the British Monarchy, only British Royals who are “currently undertaking official public duty on behalf of the Queen” will take part in the event.

This means Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Prince Andrew will not be in it. Moreover, it is reportedly highly likely that the same applies to Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

Following the official statement, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex confirmed their attendance to the monarch’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations next month. As per their spokesperson, they will be joined by their two children when they fly to the United Kingdom.

On Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie’s part, they seemingly remain silent about the matter. The same goes, as well, to the rest of the British Royal Family.