The absence of Queen Elizabeth II at the Opening of Parliament marks the “historic shift” in the monarchy and the United Kingdom. Although Prince Charles and Prince William took the center stage on Tuesday, experts have given warnings toward the British Monarch.

Express UK reported that the apparent concerns involve Prince Harry and Prince Andrew as they remain Counsellors of State. This is even though they are no longer working royals.

Following the event on Tuesday, expert and journalist Richard Eden said that the absence of the Queen “emphasizes the urgency” to strip the two royal-born Princes of their positions as counsellors. 

The public would recall that the appointed counsellors may act in place of Queen Elizabeth II when she cannot undertake her official duties and responsibilities. To date, the appointees are Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry, and Prince Andrew.

A separate report from Express UK previously noted that by law, the Counsellors of State include the British Monarch’s spouse and the next four people in line to the British Throne.

They should also be over the age of 21, which is why Prince Harry and Prince Andrew made the posts, considering the young Cambridge Royals are yet to be of age to become counsellors.

But, in consideration of the Duke of Sussex and Duke of York’s respective exits from their royal positions, many have been calling for them to be replaced as Counsellors of State. One expert even deemed it “bizarre” as the Palace has yet to replace them.

BuzzFeed News explained, however, that Queen Elizabeth II has no power to remove Prince Andrew and Prince Harry as Counsellors of State. While she can strip them of their titles and other appointments, which she has already done, she cannot remove them from the “constitutionally mandated role.”

A spokesperson from Buckingham Palace told the publication that the holders of the said position “are determined by legislation.” Accordingly, this can only be changed “by an act of Parliament.”

The talks about the matter continue to surface across media platforms in recent years. It all comes after Prince Harry and Prince Andrew stepped down from their roles as working royals.

But, the discussions seemingly became more apparent after Prince Charles and Prince William attended the Opening of Parliament on Tuesday due to Queen Elizabeth II’s absence. It marked her first in six decades, according to CNN.

As reported, the monarch was “forced to withdraw” due to her mobility issues. This then led the Heir Apparent to read out the government’s legislative agenda on Tuesday.