Many people appear to put the blame on Meghan Markle for the alleged fallout between Prince Harry and Prince William. But an expert claimed that it was “unfair” to say that she was responsible for it.

Express UK reported that Tina Brown recently made the assertions to Lorraine Kelly on ITV. She explained the matter to the television personality and stated that the Duchess of Sussex “merely reinforced” the bad feeling between the royal siblings.

The expert claimed that the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex began having problems in their relationship years before the former actress arrived in their lives. She even shared that “there were real cracks” and it “surprised” her.

Brown continued that Prince Harry and Prince William had begun to have a “growing dissonance” after the former returned from the army. As noted, the youngest Wales prince was “so happy” in the service.

After serving his country for about a decade, he allegedly came back feeling “sort of rootless and lost.” He was said to have “kind of rattled” while his brother, the future King of the United Kingdom, was already “set on the path for kingship.”

The “Palace Papers” author, then, said, at that point, the Duke of Sussex realized the “memo suddenly hit him,” adding that he was number two and would be treated as thereof. He reportedly started to feel “marginalized” because of it.

Prince William and Prince Harry never confirmed anything about their reported rift and tension. But, the speculations and rumors seemingly began to emerge when Meghan Markle joined the British Royal Family.

This appeared to have led many individuals to conclude that she was the cause of the feud. There were even allegations before that it was Kate Middleton and Meghan who were in a rift and not their respective husbands.

However, some royal experts have since claimed that the tension was primarily between the royal siblings, specifically when the Duke of Cambridge allegedly told the Duke of Sussex to “take as much time as [he] needs to get to know ‘this girl’,” adding that he should not “rush” the relationship.

Prince Harry was said to have felt and heard a “tone of snobbishness” from Prince William, especially with his words, “this girl.” Sky News reported that the claims came from sources, who were quoted in the book, “Finding Freedom.”

Despite all the ongoing and developing assertions about the royal siblings, alongside their respective wives, no official comment has been heard from the royals yet, especially on the future King and Queen Consort’s parts.