Meghan Markle reportedly showed “warning signs” days after marrying into the British Royal Family. According to a royal expert and author, she did something that “astonished” guests back in 2018.

Express UK reported that the claims were from Lady Colin Campbell, who authored “Diana in Private: The Princess Nobody Knows.” She recently recalled an incident, which she, also, wrote in one of her materials from the past, wherein the former actress had left her and some individuals “gobsmacked.” 

The expert noted that she obtained the details of the incident from a “household name” with “impeccable” connections inside the palace. Although she could not recall exactly what took place, she stated that it happened at Prince Charles’ 70th birthday celebration in Buckingham Palace.

The publication, then, unearthed Lady Colin Campbell’s written works of the incident to detail the allegations. In her book, she wrote about how Meghan Markle described the said royal event as “really boring.”

As per her sources, the expert shared that the Duchess of Sussex turned to Prince Harry just 15 minutes into the royal engagement. She allegedly asked her husband for them to leave because “[the celebration] is really boring.”

Campbell shared in her book, however, that the Duke of Sussex, “to his credit,” urged his wife to stay. He was claimed to have informed the former actress that they would have to do it.

No confirmations have emerged since the allegations went public. The Sussex couple, as well as their reps, have not released any comment regarding the matter.

Another royal author had a similar allegation about Meghan Markle. Writing in her book, “The Palace Papers,” Tina Brown claimed that the former working royal reportedly “hated” the royal trip to Australia in 2018.

Based on her written material, the expert said that the Duchess of Sussex “apparently hated every second” of the tour.” Moreover, “she did not understand why things were set up in that way.”

The International Times, later on, recalled that the claims were seemingly supported by a report from The Times. As stated, it came out last year, with the allegation, saying Meghan Markle found the Australia trip “silly.”

The latest reports about the former working royal come after news broke that Netflix canceled her planned animated series, “Pearl.” BBC reported that the decision is part of its move to “cut costs.”

The family series was planned to revolve around the adventures of a 12-year-old girl, who is “inspired by influential women from history.” Archewell Productions announced the material last year, adding that the Duchess of Sussex would be an executive producer of the title.