Prince Andrew allegedly betrayed his daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie when he accepted a hefty sum and tagged it as a birthday gift for his younger daughter.

In its April 25 issue, In Touch Weekly claimed that Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie didn’t ever think that they would be caught in a mess such as this one.

“They try to avoid the drama that Andrew is notorious for, but this new lawsuit makes them look like they’ve committed fraud. It appears Andrew’s family has been destroyed by greed,” the source said.

Earlier this month, Prince Andrew was accused of accepting the generous sum. He released a statement saying that he paid back the amount in full after 16 months.

His ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson reportedly received almost $300,000 from the person involved, but she has not returned the sum as of writing.

As of late, Princess Beatrice has not commented on the issue, but Princess Eugenie already released a statement saying that a friend of hers offered to donate $30,000 for Ferguson’s 60th birthday party. And she sent the money to the organizers and caterers.

It’s unclear why Princess Eugenie accepted the money in the first place. After all, she and her husband aren’t broke. So, the tabloid is convinced that everything had to do with Prince Andrew’s greed.

“Beatrice and Eugenie went to Andrew and asked him what happened. They asked if there was something he was not telling them, but he got defensive and said there was a mistake, the money was paid back, and it’ll all be sorted out. But they’ve heard his excuse before,” the source said.

Following her conversation with Prince Andrew, Princess Eugenie allegedly reached out to Prince Harry for comfort and support.

“They’re very close so he called him in a panic. She feels like a pawn. Harry was able to calm her down. He told Eugenie that it isn’t her fault, that it appears Andrew was the mastermind behind the transaction. If he did do something wrong and dragged his daughters into it, it’s unforgivable,” the source said.

However, it’s unclear if Prince Andrew purposely accepted the money and said that it was a gift for Princess Eugenie to implicate his children. This doesn’t seem plausible because the Duke and Duchess of York have always been protective of their kids even now that they’re adults.