Kourtney Kardashian shocked the entire world when she wed Travis Barker in Las Vegas. It was later revealed that the union wasn’t official.

In its April 25 issue, Star claimed that Kardashian’s decision to take part in a fake wedding upset her mom, Kris Jenner.

A source alleged that Jenner adores Barker. And she was also on board with her daughter and Barker getting engaged last year. But what the momager didn’t like was the fact that the cameras weren’t around to capture the hilarious moment.

Jenner allegedly wanted Kardashian and Barker’s fake wedding to be featured in The Kardashians, which is their family’s new reality TV show on Hulu.

“Kris would have had a camera crew shooting the whole thing for the show,” the source said.

But even though cameras weren’t around when Kardashian and Barker had their fake wedding, sources said that Jenner would soon get her to wish.

After all, the camera crew from The Kardashians will film the couple’s wedding. And it will be included in the reality TV show.

“They want it near the ocean. This is Kourtney’s first real wedding so she wants all the bells and whistles,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

There’s no proof that Jenner became upset with Kardashian and Barker’s fake wedding. And it’s not also true that the momager wants cameras to follow her children everywhere.

Even though the Kardashian-Jenner clan is considered a public figure, they still value their privacy. And all the moms on the show are protective of their children, including Jenner.

Meanwhile, Jenner was also involved in another dubious rumor in recent months.

In February, In Touch Weekly claimed that she got into an argument with Travis Scott over Kylie Jenner’s birthing plans.

A source claimed that Jenner wanted to be with Kylie when she delivers her son, but Scott felt that he should be the one there.

“She demanded Kylie choose her over Travis. They’ve been battling it out ever since. The fighting is taking its toll. She told Kris she wanted Travis to be with her. But you can’t win with Kris. She likes to be in control of everything, and she does what she wants. The drama won’t end in that delivery room,” the source said.

However, none of these allegations have been proven to be accurate.