Jennifer Aniston has allegedly decided to focus all her attention on her work after giving up on love.

In its March 28 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Aniston has also abandoned all efforts to have a social life because she’s a workaholic.

“She used to be so much fun and now she’s basically a recluse who thinks only about work. Her friends hardly hear from her and all that talk about dating again has gone nowhere. And this has been the longest chunk of time she’s been single in her entire adult life,” the source said.

The insider claimed that Aniston had a change of heart about dating and going out with friends after her failed attempts to reconcile with Brad Pitt and John Mayer.

“They both broke her heart and she has no desire to go out and feel that kind of pain again,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

Aniston has not expressed any desire to just solely focus on her work. And if this is what she wants to do then it’s entirely up to her.

It’s not also true that the Friends actress gave up on dating and having a social life after her failed attempts to reconcile with Pitt and Mayer.

The Morning Show actress didn’t try to reconcile with Pitt and Mayer and only the tabloids have been insisting that this is the case.

However, Aniston and Pitt have been very clear that they are nothing more than friends.

And Aniston also said that she had already forgiven Mayer for what he said about their relationship years ago.

But even if this is the case, multiple tabloids still insisted that Aniston had plans to reconcile with Pitt and Mayer. And at one point, the award-winning actress even allegedly wanted to do this at the same time.

Just last week, Woman’s Day claimed that Aniston and Pitt secretly met up in Paris for lunch. But since they had a lot of things to talk about, the exes ended up chatting until dinnertime.

However, the tabloid was not able to share photos of Aniston and Pitt from their alleged outing to prove that they met up in Paris.

So, it’s obvious that the tabloid just made up this story about the exes even though it’s been very clear that they are just friends.