Miss USA Cheslie Kryst died weeks ago due to an apparent suicide.

But in its Feb. 21 issue, National Enquirer claimed that there’s more to the story than what the public knows.

A Beverly Hills forensic psychiatrist named Dr. Carole Lieberman thinks that Kryst wouldn’t have taken her own life without the influence of outside factors.

“This wasn’t purely a suicide. This was, essentially, a murder. All those jealous trolls were psychologically pushing her from behind as she stood all those many floors up. I’m calling for an investigation and believe the people who drove her to this tragic act should be held responsible before they claim their next victim,” the source said.

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Psychologist Dr. Holly Schiff echoed Lieberman’s statements. She said that Kryst may have been bullied, harassed, and intimated by trolls online and this is what led to her decision to commit suicide.

“Those who harass, bully, intimidate, and cause emotional psychological distress to others online – to the point of suicide – should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” she said.

Kryst’s mom, April Simpkins released a statement following her daughter’s demise saying that she had no idea that the former Miss USA was suffering from depression.

As such, her death came as a shock to everyone around her.

However, there’s no indication that bullies and trolls were the ones that pushed Kryst to her death. After all, very limited details have been released to the media about her passing.

Days after her demise, Kryst’s family released a statement announcing her public memorial service in North Carolina that will be held on Feb. 18 at the Elevation Blakeney church in Charlotte.

“The celebration will also be live-streamed. The family will observe a private, invitation-only celebration prior to the public celebration, as they continue to ask the public to respect their privacy during this time,” the statement read.

In lieu of flowers, Kryst’s family is asking the public to donate to Dress for Success under the late model’s name. the non-profit provides clothing for low-income women, according to the New York Post.

Just hours before her death, Kryst also posted a cryptic message on her Instagram account alongside a stunning photo of her.

She wished her thousands of Instagram followers a day filled with rest and peace.

Some people believe that this was her way of saying goodbye to all her family, friends, and loved ones.