Prince Andrew has allegedly been struggling financially because his legal fees just keep adding up.

In its Jan. 31 issue, Life & Style claimed that Prince Andrew needs financial help and he’s not shy to ask Queen Elizabeth for monetary support.

“The legal bills are adding up. Andrew has never been in so much debt. He’s been in dire financial straits. His legal obligations are in the millions already and growing. He’s relied heavily on his mother,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Prince Andrew will most likely offer Virginia Roberts Giuffre a settlement to avoid further humiliation. But it’s unlikely for the victim to accept this.

And now that Prince Andrew no longer works as a senior royal, he doesn’t allegedly have any source of income. He can’t also get a job because of his tainted reputation.

“No one reputable wants to hire him because of his Epstein-Maxwell connection,” the source said.

But luckily for Prince Andrew, his ex-wife, Sarah Ferguson has allegedly offered to help him out. Since the Duchess of York has income from her job as an author and other ventures, she’s allegedly willing to share her earnings with her ex-husband.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Prince Andrew’s older brother, Prince Charles.

“Prince Charles reiterated to the queen that paying legal bills for a sexual assault case reflects badly on the monarchy. So, she’s agreed to distance herself from Andrew for now. But if Andrew’s finances fall through again, what choice does his mother really have?” the source said.

Earlier this month, a source revealed that the queen is already shouldering Prince Andrew’s legal fees. If this is true then there’s no reason for the Duke of York to be broke because the payments are not coming from his pocket.

However, it is also possible that Prince Andrew is paying part of his legal fees and this could be too much to bear for someone that doesn’t have a source of income.

Still, there’s no proof that Prince Andrew wants to rely on the queen so that he could give Giuffre a settlement because the dad of two knows that his mom isn’t getting any younger.

The queen has also been through so much stress in recent years and the last thing that royal family wants is to stress her even more.