Demi Moore is allegedly keen on reuniting with her ex-husband, Bruce Willis for the holidays.

In its Dec. 20 issue, National Enquirer claimed that Moore is planning to hijack Willis’ Christmas plans with his new wife, Emma, and their children.

A source claimed that Moore is feeling extra confident these days because she recently underwent plastic surgery.

“Demi is preparing to hijack the holidays the same way she did in the early days of quarantine,” the source said.

The insider also said that Moore wants this year’s Christmas celebration to be similar to last year’s gathering because she and her daughters were with Willis then.

However, since it’s no longer lockdown, Willis’ wife Emma doesn’t want to be with Moore and her daughters. And Emma wouldn’t also allow the Ghost actor to spend the holidays with his first family.

“She’s not hating Demi, but for once, Emma would like to host her own gathering in LA. Emma and Demi are friendly. But Bruce is busier than ever, and Emma would like to spend some quality time with him and the girls rather than staged photo ops,” the source said.

However, the tabloid was unable to provide any concrete proof that Moore wants to celebrate Christmas with her ex-husband. And there’s no reason for her too because she has her daughters to celebrate with.

While it’s not unusual for Moore and Willis to reunite for such an important occasion, their plans won’t affect the actor’s celebration with Emma and their children.

There’s also no indication that Emma is upset with Moore for wanting to take Willis away on Christmas Day.

Meanwhile, Moore also made headlines recently after she was photographed with what her critics called a “weird-looking face.”

While speaking with Radar Online, plastic surgeon Dr. Obaid Chaudry said that Moore looks more chiseled when she made a public appearance recently. The actress’ cheekbones also look different.

“That can be achieved with buccal fat pad removal and fat transfer to the cheeks,” Chaudry said.

Dr. David Saadat also weighed in by saying that Moore must be suffering from a lateral sweep, which is a common side effect with facelifts.

“This emphasizes a line that exists from the corner of the lip to the ear. However, This is reversible through surgery. We have to go in to release the ligaments in the most natural way possible to reverse any distortion,” he said.