Kate Hudson and her fiancé, Danny Fujikawa are planning their wedding following their engagement two months ago.

In its Nov. 15 issue, Globe claimed that the couple is busy finalizing their guest list and it’s highly likely for Hudson to invite her estranged dad, Bill to her nuptials.

However, Hudson also knows that her plan to invite her dad might not sit well with her mom, Goldie Hawn. After all, the exes don’t have a peaceful relationship with each other.

But at the end of the day, it will be Hudson and Fujikawa’s wedding so they have the right to invite whoever it is that they want to be there.

“Kate’s said she’s going to invite everyone she loves and that it’s going to be big, and it doesn’t seem right not including Bill. He’s still her dad. She wants to fix things and be a part of her half-siblings’ lives too. Family is everything to her,” the source said.

But when Hawn heard about her daughter’s plans, she allegedly became enraged and lashed out at Hudson.

“There’s no way Goldie will tolerate having Bill at the ceremony. In fact, she forbade Kate from inviting him and told her in no uncertain terms that it’s either her or him. So far, Kate’s not giving in, not yet anyway,” the source said.

The insider added that Hudson’s future husband is keeping his head low while the actress and her parents sort out their issues. After all, he doesn’t want to upset any member of the Hudson family.

But behind closed doors, Fujikawa is supportive of Hudson’s desire to reconnect with her estranged dad. And he understands that their wedding is the perfect avenue for this.

While it is true that Hudson and Fujikawa are busy planning their wedding, it’s not true that the upcoming ceremony is driving a wedge between the actress and her mom.

There is no proof that Hudson has plans to invite her dad to her wedding. And even if she does, it’s unlikely for her mom to prevent her from doing so. After all, Hawn must understand that it is the actress’s wedding and she can invite whoever she wants to invite.

At the end of the day, the decision to attend will still be up to the actress’s dad. So, there’s a possibility for Hudson to invite him but for her dad to reject the invite.