Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson allegedly became a wild child following her dad’s untimely passing.

In its Nov. 15 issue, Globe claimed that Paris’ latest move was to join a bizarre cult that goes against her grandmother Katherine’s religious beliefs.

A source claimed that Katherine is worried about her granddaughter. And she also fears that Paris will no longer be able to get herself out of the devious group.

“Katherine fears Paris’ behavior is a cry for help and the heavily tattooed wild child is heading down the same dark path that claimed her father, Michael, who died from a 2009 drug overdose at age 50,” the source said.

Paris proudly shared photos of herself with her group of female friends on social media. And the source claimed that Katherine was shocked when she saw the snaps. After all, the concerned grandmother feels that Paris’ recent display was way beyond kooky and normal.

To make things worse, Paris also relies heavily on marijuana to help her feel better. Even though weed is legal where she lives, Katherine doesn’t think that marijuana is good for her granddaughter’s health.

“The fear among the Jacksons is that Paris is always one step away from a major drama or, God forbid, something more sinister. You only have to look at those terrifying photos she posted to see that she’s in a dark and peculiar place right now,” the source said.

But upon checking Paris’s social media posts, none of her recent photos and videos looked downright creepy. It was evident that the young woman was just having fun with her friends.

Meanwhile, Michael’s three children are all doing well years after his death. In fact, the singer’s youngest child, Blanket recently opened up about his life after his dad’s passing.

The 19-year-old spoke with Good Morning Britain earlier this week to share how he and his siblings continue their dad’s legacy. Blanket said that everyone has work to do when it comes to climate change.

“I do think it's important we all know about it. We have some work to do but our generation knows how important it is,” he said via People

Last week, Michael’s eldest child, Prince also appeared on the same show to share how close she is with her siblings.  

He said that there’s no hierarchy between the three of time because they take care of each other equally.