Danny Moder and Julia Roberts are allegedly facing another marital problem.

In its Nov. 8 issue, New Idea claimed that Moder agreed to join Roberts on her trip to Australia, where she is filming her upcoming movie, Ticket to Paradise.

However, Moder bailed out of their plans at the last minute and said that their children should stay in the United States until they finish the school year.

A source claimed that Roberts was upset when she found out that Moder and her children won’t accompany her to Australia because they already have everything planned.

The source insisted that some time apart could be health for Roberts and Moder’s marriage. After all, they have been fighting to keep their relationship alive for years.

“You get the feeling that if they can’t sort out their thoughts with this much-needed solo time, their relationship could be over. They’ve been fighting to keep their marriage alive and it’ll do her good to get away and do some soul-searching,” the source said.

This is not the first time that Roberts and Moder’s marriage was rumored to be on the rocks. But regardless of what the tabloids say the fact that Moder and Roberts are still together proves that their allegations are all inaccurate.

It is also important to note that the rumors surrounding the couple differ almost every week.

Weeks ago, other tabloids claims that Roberts has been staying in Australia with her entire family while she’s filming for Ticket to Paradise.

Last week, another tabloid claimed that Roberts and George Clooney’s friend, Sandra Bullock will visit them in Australia. And Bullock brings her partner along.

The A-listers will allegedly have a triple date, which means that Roberts will be accompanied by Moder, and George will be with his wife, Amal Clooney.

In June, another tabloid claimed that Roberts and Moder had another fight over Richard Geere. Moder allegedly walked out on Roberts after hearing how smitten he is with her former co-star.

“They’d been having problems for a while and their fights led to him moving into a guesthouse on the property of their Malibu compound. He’d go surfing alone and take out his frustrations on the waves while Julia chauffeured the kids to school and all of their activities,” the source told OK! magazine.

However, the tabloid’s claims aren’t true either. Roberts and Moder didn’t fight over Geere. And Roberts and Geere are nothing more than friends.