A new article has insisted that Britney Spears is not quarantining with her boyfriend Sam Asghari. However, the story seems to be incorrect as the pair were snapped together on May 14. 


The pop singer has already confessed that she burned down her gym by a mere chance. Some so-called insiders have been claiming that she has not been handling the recent events in her life well and has separated from her boyfriend during the COVD-19 outbreak. 


A so-called insider has mentioned that “The incident with the gym has brought a whole new wave of panic.” The same source continued that several people are observing “how unstable Britney seems right now.”


The dubious insider further said: “That’s a direct result of Sam not being by her side to keep her calm.” According to the tabloid, Asghari and Spears are quarantining in different locations that have been tough for the singer.


The alleged source added that the past few weeks “have been hell” for the singer, “who doesn’t do well by herself at the best of times.”The tipster also said the “Toxic” singer does not rely on a lot of people. Instead, she trusts her boyfriend a lot whenever she feels “down or in need of reassurance.”


The anonymous source stated: “Yes, she’s in love with him as a boyfriend, but he’s also her defacto therapist, personal assistant, trainer, and best friend.” Although it is not known for sure whether Britney Spears and Sam Ashgari are quarantining together or not, the singer shared many pictures and clips of the two on Instagram during the current pandemic. 


Meanwhile, Asghari and Spears were recently seen enjoying the California sunshine as they took a dip in the singer’s pool. The 38-year-old singer and her 26-year-old boyfriend appeared to be enjoying their quarantined lives, Hollywood Life reports. 


The “Slave 4 U” singer uploaded some pictures from their relaxing day at the pool on May 14. The couple looked great with their suntans and Spears captioned the hot photos with the words: “Such a beautiful day !!!! God bless!!!!!”


She added a cute emoji to her adorable pictures. Both she and her beau looked relaxed and happy as they were seen stretching onto their floaties in her infinity pool. The singer looked stunning in her sexy bikini. 


According to Gossip Cop, while it is correct that Britney Spears' gym burned down a few months ago, it was merely an accident. The website feels the incident had nothing to do with her being “unstable.” Also, the latest pictures on Instagram show that she and her boyfriend are spending time together.