Angelina Jolie has allegedly been struggling to find love. And when she finally did, she ended up with two good men and cannot decide which one she should be with.

In its Nov. 1 issue, Life & Style claimed that Jolie is torn between her ex-husband, Jonny Lee Miller, and her newfound friend, The Weeknd.

A source claimed that Jolie is so happy to have reconnected with Miller. But she also cannot deny that The Weeknd is giving her a run for her money. After all, Jolie and the musician are both very passionate and intense people, and their chemistry is also off the charts.

Jolie’s friends have also been trying to help her decide who she should choose between Miller and The Weeknd. And the majority of them have allegedly been choosing the former.

“He’s a great guy, gives great advice, and she trusts him completely,” the source said.

However, Jolie also enjoys The Weeknd’s company especially since they have a lot of things in common. The A-listers have also been flirting nonstop, and their chemistry is undeniable.

The source insisted that choosing between The Weeknd and Miller will be very difficult for Jolie because she cares about them deeply.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There is no need for Jolie to choose between Miller and The Weeknd because she’s not dating either of them.

Jolie and Miller are nothing more than exes. And even though they love each other, it’s only because they are friends and have a history together.

The Maleficent star is being linked to The Weeknd because they were spotted hanging out a few times. However, there’s no proof that they are an item.

More reputable sources previously confirmed that Jolie and The Weeknd have common friends, and they are also both humanitarians. And this could be why they have been hanging out frequently.

However, Jolie is not dating either of the two. And there’s also no proof that she’s interested in dating Miller or The Weeknd.

For now, the actress is busy with her work as an actress and humanitarian.

She recently released a book on human rights, and Jolie also stars in Marvel Entertainment’s newest movie, The Eternals.

Other than her work as an actress and author, Jolie is also busy with her six children. And she’s also dealing with her ongoing custody case with her ex-husband, Brad Pitt.