Britney Spears’ dad, Jamie Spears allegedly put his daughter under surveillance 24/7.

But in its Oct. 18 issue, In Touch Weekly claimed that Jamie did so much more than that.

Since the “Toxic” singer was allegedly on surveillance 24/7, there were times when her dad purposely recorded her intimate moments with Sam Asghari.

During this time, Jamie could’ve stopped his surveillance on Spears because he knew that she was home with Asghari, but he refused.

To make things worse, Jamie also allegedly had access to his daughter’s cell phone and other gadgets.

A source claimed that Spears knew that her dad was spying on her at all times, but she couldn’t do anything because he was handling her conservatorship.

“She knew she was being spied on and was terrified. She felt like a prisoner under his control and now she’d like to see him get a taste of his own medicine,” the source said.

The news about Jamie spying on his daughter 24/7 first came to light in an article for the New York Times.

Jamie and Robin Grennhill, an employee from Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group, had an iPad and iPod logged into Spears’ iCloud account. So, all the singer’s messages, FaceTime calls, browser history, photos, and videos were all recorded there.

The report did not explain how Jamie got his daughter’s iCloud password. But there are speculations that he must have gotten it as part of the singer’s conservatorship.

If this is the case, Jamie can’t be charged for spying on Spears because it’s part of the terms of her conservatorship.

However, there was no mention of Jamie ever spying on Spears during his intimate moments with Asghari. It’s possible that the tabloid just included this dubious storyline for clickbait.

After all, it’s a new angle to the report that Jamie spied on Spears at all times.

After months of discussions, a judge suspended Jamie from being his daughter’s conservatorship. So, the “I’m A Slave For You” singer is technically free.

However, she’s still ironing out some details of her conservatorship.

Before Jamie was suspended from his job, Spears already showed signs of her freedom. She just announced her engagement to Asghari.

However, it’s still unclear when the couple will tie the knot and where they will hold their ceremony. There are rumors that their wedding will take place in Hawaii.