Denise Richard’s daughter, Sami Sheen recently called the actress’s home a “hell house.”

In a viral TikTok video, Sami claimed that she became insanely depressed while she was living with her mom. And there were also days when she didn’t eat or sleep.

Sami decided to move in with her dad, Charlie Sheen. But Life & Style is claiming that there’s more to the story than meets the eye.

A source claimed that Sami is just shading her mom publicly to make her look like a bad person. But the truth of the matter is that the teenager just doesn’t want to follow Richard’s strict rules.

Sami allegedly prefers living with her dad because he’s more fun. In fact, Sheen is also supportive of his daughter’s decision to drop out of school.

The insider also claimed that Richards is mortified by her daughter’s shocking claims.

“She’s mortified. She’s super protective of her kids and a very strict parent. But her home isn’t the house of horrors Sam describes. And her so-called cry for help was deeply upsetting to Denise,” the source said.

The insider claimed that despite Sami’s claims, Richards still wants to reconcile with her daughter. But the only way that they could do it is if they will go family therapy as a unit.

Unfortunately, family therapy is out of the picture right now because Sheen and Sami are not on board with the idea.

Meanwhile, Sheen was recently spotted partying at a music festival in Las Vegas just weeks after she moved out of her mom’s house.

Photos of the 17-year-old show her rocking rainbow-colored braids, a colorful printed bra, and denim shorts.

On her TikTok account, Sami claimed to be much happier now that she’s under her dad’s care.

However, Radar Online said that Richards is not happy with the setup especially since Sheen made her look like the bad guy.

Instead of helping her implement her rules, Sheen showed support for his daughter’s decision to skip school.

The actor even released a statement via his rep saying that he’s proud of Sami for taking control of her life. He also vowed to help his daughter get GED.

While it is true that Sami made shocking allegations about her mom, it’s unclear if her claims are accurate. After all, Richards’ two other children are still living with their mom, and they have not made any complaints against her.