The Kardashians do know how to spoil their family.

Even though they were not able to spend Mother's Day together due to the coronavirus pandemic, they still found a way to show appreciation to each other. People reports that Kylie Jenner gave some pretty expensive gifts to her sisters and mother for Mother's Day. What kind of gifts you may ask? Well, how about some Judith Leiber Crystal clutches that cost more than $5,000 each? 

Kim and Khloe shared a picture of their gifts, calling it beautiful and expressing their love for their younger sister. She actually sent additional gifts like Christian Dior makeup bags and more. Of course, these are just chump change for the makeup mogul. With a net worth of $1 billion dollars and being named the youngest billionaire in the world, she definitely has the capacity to shower her loved ones with expensive gifts. 

Kylie is not the only one who gave gifts to the rest of the family. Momager Kris sent some gifts to her children as well, although they are nowhere near as extravagant. Kris sent a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts to each other her daughters, as reported by Page Six.  Although a thoughtful gift, some of her children are now accusing her of ruining their diets. Kourtney says Kris is sabotaging her summer body while Khloe calls them the perfect gift. 

Meanwhile, Kylie posted photos of her daughter Stormi in celebration of Mother's Day. The adorable two-year-old was all smiles with a towel on her head. Fans were also treated to a cute video of Stormi and Kylie doing a fruit snack challenge. 

The challenge is all over the internet right now, with parents trying to test their children's patience and willpower. 

Kylie put a bowl of candy in front of her daughter and told her that she can have three candies but she will need to wait until her mommy comes back from the bathroom. 

Stormi was jus so cute looking at the bowl of candies and even saying chocolates before sitting back down and saying "patience, patience." By the next day, she has gone viral and trended everywhere. 

Her mother meanwhile has recently received praise as well after she posted some photos of herself in a bikini. Netizens remarked that her bravery in not hiding her stretch marks was really commendable. Many. have called it growth as the sisters used to get ridiculed for photoshopping many of their photos.