Hargrave has a reputation for doing things that are so crazy that you might question his sanity. Living up to his notoriety, the renowned stuntman recently strapped himself to a hood of a car as part of a car chase sequence for Extraction. Talking about the aforesaid car chase in Extraction on Netflix’s YouTube channel, Chris Hemsworth interacted with fans and answered their questions such as whether or not he is anything like Tyler Rake, who he portrayed in Netflix's action-thriller film.

Hemsworth said he is not like Rake during the recently concluded live stream. In the Q&A section of the live stream, the Red Dawn star divulged details about the jaw-dropping technical feat of the car chase sequence that was done in a single take. The 36 years old actor noted that Hargrave was on the hood of a chase car, following him, and when the car pulled up alongside them, the highly experienced stuntman unclipped himself, giving the camera through the car window that they were still driving, to another cameraman before they took off.

Hemsworth described it as a "series of hand-offs," adding that it was one of the most technically challenging things he has ever been a part of. In his opinion, Hargrave is brave and he is still trying to figure out how they managed to pull off the handoff of the camera in the car chase sequence.

Aside from the car chase sequence, Hargrave has an impressive array of stuntman tricks in his toolbox. A single comprising a wide range of intense, fast-paced scenes are likely to remind viewers of The Raid and John Wick. In one such scene, Hemsworth falls from an uninterrupted series of stairs while fighting an enemy and lands on what looks like a hard floor, but Hargrave said in an interview that the floor was actually padded for a soft landing, CinemaBlend reported.

Despite having played action roles for quite some time now, Hemsworth described Tyler Rake's portrayal in Extraction as his most exhausting and challenging role to date. This is completely understandable, given that he is the lead character in a movie that comprises a slew of arduous looking action scenes.

Both Extraction, as well as Tyler Rake's character, are garnering huge popularity among fans. Extraction saw an impressive opening at Netflix and reached a whopping 90 million households in its first four weeks. Moreover, it has received warms reviews from critics.