The debate, which played a vital role in helping the party take control of the house a couple of years ago is based on President Trump's continuous attempts to have the courts eliminate the Affordable Care Act, a health care law introduced by former President Barack Obama that provides coverage to numerous Americans. The coronavirus pandemic has raised the urgency, leading Democrats from Joe Biden's campaign and top Super PACs to argue that Trump wants to discontinue the health care of American people amid a global pandemic.

Eager for the debate, the Trump campaign says Obamacare is an unpopular campaign that caused more harm to Democrats during Obama's presidency. Republicans, on the other hand, have closely experienced have health care dashed their hopes two years ago. They claim the debate would be highly detrimental for Trump and Republicans in November.

According to a senior Republican strategist, "Republicans can't afford to litigate health care for the second election in a row." The senior Republican strategist recalls how all this turned out two years ago when we didn't have a global pandemic, coupled with economic depression.

A recent example of the Democrats' strategy was displayed last week when a top Democratic super PAC, Priorities USA launched a digital ad slamming the president for his attempts to cut back health care coverage. The ad featured Trump's recent statement about terminating health care under Obamacare, CNN Politics reported.

A narrator said Trump is urging the Supreme Court to deprive American people of their health care when they are concerned about their health. The narrator explained that one-hundred and thirty-three million Americans are likely to lose coverage amid a pandemic, adding that Trump is putting people at risk. Even former vice president Joe Biden is hammering Trump's administration's attempts to end Obamacare when the pandemic is tightening its grip on people across the globe.

Last month, Biden took to his Twitter handle to voice his frustration on Trump administration's unceasing attempt cut the Affordable Care Act and rip health care away from millions of Americans, calling the move "morally reprehensible," and urging them to drop the lawsuit immediately. At a virtual roundtable in Jacksonville with African-American leaders this month, Biden repeated that they are trying to end Obamacare and take away the health insurance of millions.

Noting that they should be dropping the lawsuit immediately, Biden said they should reopen Obamacare enrollment so that every American can access coverage at a time they need it the most.