Dexter revival is confirmed to be happening in a form of a 10-episode limited series on Showtime. Michael C. Hall is set to reprise his titular role, Dexter Morgan. The complete cast list is yet to be seen, but new reports revealed that John Lithgow is returning as Arthur Mitchell a.k.a. Trinity Killer.

Lithgow’s character served as the major Big Bad in the fourth season of the series and has since become a notable name in the show. However, it is unknown how Trinity Killer’s presence will play out in Dexter revival given that he was brutally murdered by Dex at the end of season 4.

Per a report from Deadline, the actor is said to be making “a short but decisive appearance” and will likely film a day or so. The casting for the upcoming revival is still under wraps, so the news about Lithgow’s return is a huge giveaway to longtime fans.

Trinity Killer was introduced in the fourth installment, serving as a huge torn on the titular character’s side. He was a notorious villain before eventually meeting his demise after being hammered by Dex. In 2010, Lithgow won the Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series Emmy for his role.

Meanwhile, Showtime has yet to release comments regarding the actor’s return in the revival.

As for who’s coming back behind the scenes, it was already confirmed that Clyde Phillips is returning in Dexter revival. It can be recalled that he served as the showrunner of the series from season 1 to season 4. Marcos Siega, who served as one of the directors, is coming back, as well.

Many were delighted when the news about the revival first emerged in 2020. While the series is one of the most popular shows, the official series finale has been deemed as one of the most controversial TV endings in history.

Dexter revival picks up a decade following the events that transpired in the season 8 finale. Dex is now residing in the fictional town of Iron Lake in New York and presumably using a new identity. Clancy Brown plays the major antagonist, Kurt Caldwell, the mayor of the small town.

The plot of the new series is still unknown but the titular character goes head-to-head against Caldwell. The latter is a successful businessman and believed to be hiding a lot of secrets. Some rumors suggest that he has a killer son, and he uses his power to cover up his murders.

Dexter revival is scheduled for a Fall 2021 premiere.