Leonardo DiCaprio is allegedly seething at Julianne Hough after the latter’s niece revealed that the A-listers hooked up.

In its June 21 issue, National Enquirer claimed that this wasn’t the only revelation that upset the Titanic star.

A source claimed that Hough’s niece also revealed that the actor wasn’t good in bed, and that’s according to the professional dancer.

After hearing the allegations, the source claimed that DiCaprio became furious especially since he knows that he’s good in bed.

“Leo has sworn everyone he has ever slept with to secrecy about their escapades and he views these comments as the ultimate betrayal. Now that it’s gone viral, he’s both furious and humiliated,” the source said.

DiCaprio and Hough were linked to each other in 2013 after they were spotted canoodling at Coachella. Their fling was short-lived because the actor moved on to another woman rather quickly.

So, following their quick rendezvous, Hough had nothing but negative things to say about DiCaprio. However, the source said that it’s still shocking that the Dancing With the Stars judge would go as far as exposing their intimate moments just to get back at the actor.

The source said that DiCaprio has never had to worry about sharing his intimate moments with women because he knows that he’s good. And based on the feedback that he’s received, he knows that everyone he’s been with had a great time.

But even though he’s not worried, the insider claimed that there’s still a part of him that’s concerned.

“Now, he must be afraid this will affect his standing as a leading man and that more women will follow Julianne’s lead and rain on his parade,” the source said.

Friends of DiCaprio are also allegedly urging his girlfriend, Camila Morrone to speak on behalf of the actor. This way, they can up DiCaprio’s reputation.

However, the supermodel has yet to say her piece. And by the looks of it, she will never comment on the matter because the tabloid’s claims are unfounded.

While it is true that Hough’s niece made a comment about DiCaprio on TikTok, no one knows for sure how the actor feels about it.

In fact, it is also unclear whether DiCaprio has heard the comment or not.

As for the actor and Hough, there’s no bad blood between the two so it was never the dancer’s intention to expose DiCaprio years after their relationship ended.