Meghan Markle’s birthday reportedly says a lot about her personality.

While speaking with Globe, astrology mystic Theresa Cheung said that Markle is a rebel because she’s born on August 4.

“Your birthday holds the key to your personality and potential. Everyone has a choice about how they express their potential, so even two people born on the same day will never be exactly the same,” she said.

Cheung also said that people born on April 4 tend to want to seriously challenge the status quo, and this may be the reason why Markle caused tensions within the royal family.

Markle also harbors an intense dislike of restraint and hatred of complacency because they lead to unpredictable and unconventional behavior.

Prince Harry, on the other hand, is a Virgo born on Sept. 15. He has pure, innocent, and trusting qualities. The Duke of Sussex’s birth number also shows compassion.

According to the expert, Prince Harry’s attraction towards Markle stems from his desire or need to lose himself in another person.

And when it comes to his work, Prince Harry needs to find the right career to specialize in alongside the right people to trust.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton, who is a Capricorn born on January 9 is dubbed as the achiever.

“People born on Jan. 9 are energetic, dedicated, and want to rise to the top, often doing whatever it takes to get and stay there,” she said.

Cheung added that Middleton is cool emotionally, and she also happens to be a good leader. As such, she certainly has the makings of a good and reliable future queen consort.

Her husband, Prince William, who was born on June 21 is dubbed as an empath. After all, people born on this day tend to approach their day-to-day lives with delighted awe. They are also drawn to the arts, music, variety, travel, and more.

Prince Charles, on the other hand, has a very different personality compared to his sons. Born on November 14, he’s known as the stern guide of the royal family.

The heir to the throne loves to mentor and guide others, and he’s happy when he does so.

Queen Elizabeth, on the other hand, is the rock. Her birthday is on April 21, and she has a fierce sense of discipline and a powerful sense of duty.

But despite her very positive outlook in life, Cheung said that it must have been a struggle for her to deal with Prince Harry and Markle’s issues.