Prince Philip didn’t allegedly die in peace.

In its May 3 issue, Globe claimed that the Duke of Edinburgh died with one major regret in his heart: not being able to stop Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from appearing in a tell-all.

A source said that Prince Philip was sympathetic to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex because he understood what it’s like to be an outcast. However, he still didn’t think that shading the royal family on television was the right thing to do.

The insider also said that Prince Philip held a special place in his heart for his grandson, Prince Harry. But even though they were close, he still didn’t think that the Duke of Sussex did the right thing.

After all, the Duke of Edinburgh has not always had it easy since he was married to Queen Elizabeth. But he sucked it up and stayed loyal to his wife. He also committed to serving the monarchy as the queen’s right hand until his retirement.

Prince Harry and Markle, on the other hand, didn’t last in their roles as senior working royals. They only served the monarchy as a married couple for a little over a year.

So, the source believes that Prince Philip died worrying how the explosive interview would affect his wife, the royal family, and The Firm. And if he only had a long time to live, he would’ve tried to lecture Prince Harry and Markle about what they’ve done.

In fact, even Oprah Winfrey was surprised by what she heard from the couple.

During a recent interview, the talk show host said that she couldn’t believe that Markle’s candidness would lead to her accusing the royal family of racism.

But this doesn’t mean that Winfrey didn’t like how their interview went. In fact, she praised the Duchess of Sussex for her honesty and vulnerability during their conversation.

Winfrey also said that she put so much thought into what she would ask the couple. And she also made sure that none of her questions would get leaked before the interview took place and before it aired.

The talk show host added that she didn’t think that her interview with Prince Harry and Markle would leave a lasting impact on a lot of people. One month has already passed, but royal fans and royal critics are still talking about it.

Following the interview, Winfrey was also praised for how she handled the conversation with the controversial couple.