Dakota Johnson is allegedly seething at Gwyneth Paltrow for acting too involved with her wedding planning.

In its April 26 issue, Woman’s Day revealed that Paltrow is so invested in Johnson and Chris Martin’s wedding that she wants to take care of every single aspect of the event.

However, Paltrow’s efforts are not allegedly appreciated by Johnson, who also has her own wedding planner.

“Gwyneth has been giving Dakota business card after business card of planners, florists, and dress designers. She’s even offered her entire Goop design and beauty team to be available 24/7,” the source said.

According to the source, the Fifty Shades of Grey star is freaking out because she wants her wedding to Martin to be a small and low-key event.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t turn Paltrow away because she knows that the Iron Man star adores her.

But despite the tabloid’s claims, there’s no proof that Johnson and Paltrow are at odds with each other due to the former’s wedding. After all, Johnson and Martin have not confirmed that they are engaged.

Last December, the actress sparked engagement rumors after she stepped out in public with a huge rock on her finger. But immediately her outing, Extra reached out to the actress and learned that she’s not yet engaged.

So, if Johnson isn’t engaged to Martin yet, there’s no reason for Paltrow to plan her wedding. It’s evident that the tabloid just concocted lies about the actresses because of their close relationship.

Two years ago, Paltrow even posted a black and white photo of Johnson on her Instagram account when the latter celebrated her birthday.

And Paltrow adores Johnson so much that she was reportedly instrumental in fixing the actress’s relationship with Martin.

According to Us Weekly, Johnson and Martin split a few months back, but Paltrow urged her ex-husband to get back together with Johnson.

A source said that Paltrow just wants her ex-husband to be happy, and she also wants the same for Johnson.

Earlier this year, Paltrow once again spoke about Johnson during her interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

The actress declared that she loves the Fifty Shades Freed actress. And Paltrow also admitted that her relationship with Johnson might seem weird because it’s unconventional.

But Paltrow just cannot deny how much she likes the actress. She also said that since there’s nothing to be insecure by, she can’t help but be drawn to Johnson.

Paltrow has moved on from Martin and she’s now married to Brad Falchuk.