Kate Middleton welcomed the week celebrating International Women's Day following the explosive interview of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle with Oprah Winfrey.

The Duchess of Cambridge had a video conference call with a young athlete, Jasmine Harrison, on March 8. Harrison successfully became the youngest female to ever finish a solo row at the Atlantic Ocean. 

Kate remarked that she wanted to talk to Harrison because she has been a shining example of how women can succeed when they do not limit themselves. The Duchess of Cambridge commended the athlete for being an inspiration to many women who might have never realized that they have "opportunities around the corner."

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Kate's video post comes after her name was brought up during Winfrey's interview with Harry and Meghan on March 7. The Duchess of Sussex told Winfrey of the incident leading up to her wedding, which was reported in the press where Kate, allegedly, cried because of her.

However, Meghan clarified in the interview that the press got it wrong as it is her who cried over her tiff with Kate and that the members of the royal family knew the whole story. Pressed for more details, Meghan told Oprah that she didn't want to say anything more because Kate has apologized for this and sent her flowers.

According to reports, the sisters-in-law had a misunderstanding over the stockings that Meghan's young bridesmaids would wear for her wedding. Kate insisted that they should wear one as this was the protocol, which Meghan did not want to follow. In the end, her bridesmaids walked the aisle without stockings, just as she wanted.

The Duchess of Sussex also said that her sister-in-law is a good person. However, she did feel that she was held to a different standard than Prince William's wife, who will become the Queen of the United Kingdom one day.

Meghan acknowledged that the British tabloid press was rude to Kate as well, especially in the early days of her life as royal. But she also digressed and said that the press was not only rude to her but also racist and her biggest gripe against the Palace was that they never defended Meghan from these racist attacks. The Palace also liked the idea of a "hero vs villain" and Meghan believes that this was the reason the stories about her making Kate cry before her wedding was never corrected in the press.

Kate has yet to address Meghan's statements but royal expert Katie Nicholl said William likely feels devastated because his wife has been "dragged into this whole saga." Nicholl also said that Kate has tried to patch things between William and Harry. Before Meghan became a part of their lives, Kate was very close to Harry.