A writer from the television series Suits has come out to defend Meghan Markle, who has been accused of bullying her royal aides, prompting Buckingham Palace to initiate an investigation into the claims.

Jon Cowan told Us Weekly that he doubts Meghan could bully anyone. After working with the former TV actress for three years, Cowan said that he only knows her as a "warm, kind and caring person."

The writer, however, said that he knows nothing of the claims and of the Duchess of Sussex's current situation. However, he also said that she may have been "thrust into an unimaginable world," alluding to her royal life.

Before meeting Prince Harry, Meghan has been part of Suits, a popular U.S. cable TV series about lawyers, for almost five years. Rumors of her dating a royal sparked during her work in the sixth season. By season 7, the actress decided to quit the series as she became engaged to Harry and was about to enter a new chapter in her life.

Royal experts said that Meghan might have struggled to shift from being a Hollywood actress to becoming a member of the royal family. According to Daily Mail, the duchess clashed with her royal aides over free clothes royals usually get from famous designers.

Sources said Meghan started receiving designer clothes when her relationship with Harry was publicly confirmed. She wanted to keep the freebies, as this was the practice in Hollywood. However, royal aides told her that this wasn't done by members of the royal family.

Meghan is known for her love of designer brands, including jewelry and accessories that add financial value to her wardrobe. The report further stated that Meghan's budget for clothes in her first year as a working royal was the most expensive. On her 16-day royal tour with Harry, the Duchess of Sussex's expenses for clothing alone was $149,515.27.

Sources said that Meghan's clashes with her royal staff left them "broken" and "completely destroyed" because of what they've experienced with the duchess. Lawyers for the Sussex pair denied the bullying claims, while Buckingham Palace said it will launch an investigation of the incidents from 2018.

It comes as the unnamed staff members, allegedly, approached The Times to tell their side of the story just as Meghan and Harry's interview with Oprah Winfrey is due to air on March 7. The sources said that they feel Meghan will disclose details about her royal life that are only "partially true."

Buckingham Palace is said to be very concerned about the accusations and has an HR team looking into the bullying claims. The concerned staff members will be asked to participate in the investigations. (Business Times)