Prince Charles might face another strain and could be "enraged" by the upcoming Princess Diana biopic, Spencer, as it could impact his ascent to the throne.

According to Daily Express, the period covered in the storyline of Spencer, which will be set in December 1991 in Sandringham, was a turbulent time for the Prince of Wales. His marriage to Princess Diana, who was still regarded as the future Queen of the United Kingdom, was ending after years of unhappiness.

But this was also the period when his mother, Queen Elizabeth, brushed off rumors that she would step down from the throne and let Prince Charles be the new King. Her Majesty said in her speech that holiday that she will stand by her oath to serve the public better as she comes to her 40th year as the monarch.

Charles was said to be distressed about his future while Diana was ready to reclaim her old life as Lady Diana Spencer. December 1991 was a turning point for the Princess of Wales, whose popularity soared after her separation.

Meanwhile, public perception of Charles dwindled at that time, especially after he confirmed he strayed from his marriage with Camilla Parker-Bowles. A revisit to these events in Spencer could impact Charles' popularity yet again, today, in the same way The Crown season 4 had royal fans and trolls storming the Prince of Wales' social media to condemn the affair.

However, some royal experts said that Spencer won't be true to the events of what actually happened in December 1991 in Sandringham. Royal editor Ingrid Seward said that the timeline doesn't jive as Diana hasn't been by Sandringham years before this period. She believes that the movie will simply "play up" the real-life events but this could mean that the story would be verging on "dangerous fiction."

Such was the criticism for The Crown season 4, with even U.K. politicians calling out the Netflix series for the inaccuracies. Friends of Charles also voiced their defense of the Prince of Wales, whom they claimed was unfairly depicted in the widely-popular drama series.

Meanwhile, Spencer has not yet released a teaser to suggest how close it will stick to the actual events. The producers only shared a photo of the film's star, Kristin Stewart, who was styled and dressed as Diana.

The Sun, on the other hand, been sharing photos from the set of Spencer at Schlosshotel Kronberg in Germany. This site will apparently double as the Queen's Sandringham Estate in the movie.