Angelina Jolie is known to let her kids feature in cameo roles in her movies from time to time. Incidentally, Vivienne, her youngest daughter, did a cameo in her 2014 film Maleficent

In one of her interviews, the Girl Interrupted actress shared a hilarious conversation she once had with her daughter Shiloh. The latter was not interested in acting as her sister in the movie.

Angie told the host that they jested about Shiloh featuring as the older Aurora. However, her daughter was not at all keen on the idea and thought it absurd. Shiloh instead said she wanted to be Marcus. When the actress asked who Marcus was, her daughter replied that Marcus has a bow and arrow and horns. 

Although Shiloh did not like Angie’s proposal to act in the film, her other daughter Vivienne enjoyed doing the role. The Salt actress thought her youngest daughter was quite brave to take up the challenge. After all, Angie sported the terrifying outfit of Maleficent in the film. 

The doting mother told Entertainment Weekly that it was rare for a kid to like her with her claws, eyes, and horns. Angie, who was then with Brad Pitt, mentioned that they loved it when their kids played cameo roles and could be with them on set. 

Although Vivienne was not intimidated by Angie’s getup, the actress stated that her other son Pax who was 10-year-old at that time, was a bit worried. He was upset when he first saw his mom in that outfit and ran away.

At first, Angie thought that the child was just kidding, but as she started chasing him, she found him crying out of fear. Zahara and Pax were both extras in the successful film. 

These days, Angelina Jolie’s kids are busy with their schoolwork. They are attending their classes from home and live with both Angie and Pitt in Los Angeles. Jolie had revealed back in April that although the family was locked in, they were doing fine. 

The Salt actress discussed her close bond with the kids. She also opened up about how she has realized that there is no harm in not being perfect, according to Hello! Magazine

In other news, her 57-year-old estranged husband Pitt features in an advertisement campaign for his Miraval Provence Rosé Champagne. The ad aims to capture the mood of the Riviera. The Fight Club actor is snapped relaxing by a Los Angeles swimming pool in a monochrome photo, which was snapped by Lachlan Bailey, a famous photographer. 

Brad Pitt began Miravel with his former wife Angelina Jolie after they bought the massive state in South France where the winery is located. The property was purchased in 2012 by the former power couple, according to Entertainment Tonight.