Nicole Kidman got immense critical acclaim and mass adulation for her performance in the HBO miniseries The Undoing. However, the actress revealed how her role had affected her physically, as well as mentally. 

The versatile actress felt that there was “disquietness” in her personality, and she felt uncomfortable. The 53-year-old revealed her inner turmoil while speaking on an episode of WTF With Marc Maron podcast, which was broadcast on Jan 11, 2021. 

The HBO miniseries was aired in October and November 2020. The Oscar Award-winning actress portrayed the character of Grace Fraser, an affluent therapist based in New York City. Her life changes when her husband, Jonathan Fraser (Hugh Grant), becomes a prime suspect in a brutal killing that takes place in the city. 

Kidman reveals how she was sick while shooting for the series. Her immune system went for a toss, and she felt the human body was unaware to spot the difference between truth and acting, especially when one did such difficult roles. 

She had to keep telling herself that what she was doing was merely acting. However, she feels that the disturbance persists as she is not keeping well and cannot sleep properly even now. 

The Big Little Lies actress also mentioned in the podcast how traumatic she was after Stanley Kubric, the director of her famous film Eyes Wide Shut, passed away in March 1999. 

As soon as Nicole Kidman got the news of the director’s death from his assistant, she started yelling and collapsed. The shock was too great for her as she was extremely close to him. 

The actress confessed she is scared of phone calls that come late at night. There is a reason to fear such calls as she has got several such calls that brought in sad news, including her dad's death. 

Incidentally, even Hugh Grant felt disturbed while acting in The Undoing, just like his famous co-star. The winner of the Golden Globe spoke in an interview about an ugly scene after the final episode, which was eventually edited from the show, according to Us Weekly

In other news, Kidman is known to keep her two young daughters out of the spotlight on most occasions. So, her fans were delighted when she posted a rare footage of them on Monday. 

The actress took to her Instagram handle and uploaded an old video of herself with her daughters, where they are seen running around. The clip had earlier appeared in Vogue Australia. 

Nicole Kidman and her two youngest daughters wore similar white dresses in the video. Both the girls have curly tresses like her. Even The Undoing actress had her hair in natural waves, according to Hello! Magazine