Angelina Jolie has been sparking all sorts of health rumors throughout the years.

For the New Year, Gossip Cop compiled some of the most shocking and most absurd claims about the actress’s health.

Last year, Globe claimed that Jolie has stopped eating after learning that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston got back together.

A source told the tabloid that the Maleficent star used to eat a lot in a day. But after learning about Pitt and Aniston’s reunion, Jolie lost her appetite completely.

The tabloid concocted the story shortly after Pitt and Aniston reunited at the SAG Awards. However, it is important to note that the exes never got back together.

And if Jolie stopped eating last year, her health would’ve already deteriorated. And this story would’ve already made headlines as well.

Eight months later, National Enquirer claimed that Jolie only weighs 99 pounds.

The tabloid even had the audacity to publish a photo of the actress looking as thin as ever to convince their readers that their story is accurate.

A source told the tabloid that Jolie was on a hunger strike to get some sympathy from Pitt amid their ongoing custody battle.

The insider said that Jolie believes that if she loses more weight, Pitt would feel sorry for her and would allow her to have full custody of their children.

Weeks later, the same tabloid claimed that Jolie was once again starving herself to death after learning that Pitt is dating Nicole Poturalski.

The tabloid described the German model as a borderline stalker who’s dating the Ad Astra actor for fame.

Since Jolie was, allegedly, stressing over her ex-husband’s new relationship, she told Pitt to keep Poturalski away from their kids.

As of late, there is no proof that the 27-year-old model ever met Jolie and Pitt’s children. Poturalski and Pitt, reportedly, split just a few months after they started dating.

According to Gossip Cop, the rumors surrounding Jolie’s health and eating habits are all incorrect.

If Jolie is struggling with her weight and eating habits, she would’ve already sought professional help.

The Unbroken director is just gifted with a slender frame but this doesn’t mean that she doesn’t eat or take good care of herself.

As for Jolie being jealous of Pitt and Aniston’s relationship, this is also untrue. Pitt and Aniston are nothing more than friends. And they’ve moved on from each other a long time ago.