Rumors have always plagued Caitlyn Jenner, and a recent report purported that the reality TV star is feeling blue because her family has deserted her, and there is no love in her life. 

Is Caitlyn becoming a psycho? At least, that is what a tabloid claims in one of its recent reports. It seems she feels the Kardashian-Jenner clan has isolated her completely. Additionally, there is no romance in her life, which has also become quite depressing for her. 

The report hinted that the former Olympian has become desperate as her career is also not doing well. So, she has been desperate to look out for more projects to be financially stable. The article then went on to claim that she is all set to undergo more cosmetic surgeries. 

However, the report appears to be a bit far-fetched since it was just a few days ago when Caitlyn was spotted with her children and step-children while celebrating her 71st birthday together (via Gossip Cop). Would it have been possible if the family had deserted her?

Her stepdaughter Kim Kardashian even took to Instagram and posted an adorable clip where Caitlyn was seen blowing out the candles. Her birthday celebration with the family is itself a big proof that they still care for her. 

Moreover, her recent Instagram posts do not suggest she is isolated, sad, and lonely. Rather she looked quite happy and carefree in the clip she recently shared. She was seen promoting her close friend Sophia Hutchins’ daily moisturizer with an Instagram clip. 

Caitlyn Jenner was seen shaking her hips in the backyard of her plush beach home in Malibu. The retired Olympian placed her close pal’s beauty product on the top of her head while she danced. There were more than a million likes on this cute post.

Caitlyn and Hutchins have been close ever since their hairstylist introduced them a few years ago. Meanwhile, Caitlyn seemed to have raised quite a few eyebrows just like her stepdaughter Kim did by opting for a lavish 40th birthday celebration some weeks ago. 

Caitlyn seemed to disregard the safety recommendations, which are in place amid the COVID-19 pandemic this Friday while visiting a plush shopping center. The 71-year-old KUWTK star was seen in the mall without covering her face with a mask, which is the norm these days.

A fan even came quite close to her while asking for a selfie together. Caitlyn Jenner’s brunette hair was left loose on her shoulders, and she opted for a pair of large sunglasses for her outing (via Daily Mail).