The continuous comparison made between royal wives Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle is always in a healthy way. Both royals have very different roles in their life, especially Kate, who will one day become the Queen of England.

Apparently, there was a change with Kate when Prince Harry’s fairytale Princess entered the royal family.

Royal fashion expert and author Elizabeth Holmes spoke to US Weekly on their exclusive ‘Royally Fashion’ regarding Kate Middleton’s evolving fashion sense.

Holmes expressed her opinion on how the Duchess of Cambridge’s fashion became more interesting when Meghan Markle came into the royal picture, citing that there was a healthy competition between the two Duchesses.

“I think Kate kicked up her fashion game in the fall of 2018, certainly after the royal wedding of Harry and Megan. She had Louie, and she went away on maternity leave for a couple of months and came back and suddenly had a little bit more fashion in her wardrobe,” Holmes said.

She then continued, saying that there is likely a number of possible reasons why Kate Middleton’s fashion went up a game, but the timing of it all she explains is quite ‘suspicious.’

Furthermore, the fashion expert pointed out that before Harry and Meghan’s wedding, Kate had just given birth, and that could have been a major drive for her to change her wardrobe and to look more elegant and Queenly.

The two Duchesses have been often compared, especially in their style, with Meghan being more praised in the past. Kate chose more complicit attires and followed the royal protocols severely, while Meghan somehow broke the glass roof.

Despite that, Kate has been often dubbed as the most stylish royal there is a great compliment after having to step into very big shoes left by the late Princess Diana, who was a fashion icon.

Kate has also been experimenting with her looks in the past month and made headlines when she rocked a pantsuit on a broadcast for London’s National Museum. The Duchess has also changed her hair color in the week that past.

Other than her great sense of fashion, the Duchess is also looking forward to becoming Queen and putting her ideas of a ‘modern royal’ on the table.

Allegedly she already has plans to be a more visible Queen Consort than any in the history of the British Monarchy and expressed that she will abolish ‘outdated royal protocols.’