Prince Charles has, allegedly, asked his wife, Camilla to get a face lift because he doesn’t like how she looks.

According to New Idea, Prince Charles is especially bothered with Camilla’s wrinkles that’s why he urged his wife to do something about her appearance before it’s too late.

A source told the tabloid that Camilla is more than willing to adhere to Prince Charles’ request. But there are, allegedly, fears that she would go all out with her facelift and other procedures to the point that she would look completely different.

The insider also said that Camilla has already been trying to revamp her image while preparing for her future role as a princess consort. The Duchess of Cornwall has also lost a considerable amount of weight while in quarantine.

And she recently stepped out in public wearing an outfit that she didn’t normally wear. Following her outing, tabloids accused Camilla of copying Princess Diana’s fashion and style.

In July, Camilla also sparked rumors that she’s had plastic surgery due to her smoother and younger-looking skin. Plastic Surgery Feed claimed that it’s highly likely for Camilla to have gotten Botox because her skin doesn’t match her age.

Photos show that the future princess consort’s forehead looks lifter and much smoother even though she’s already 73 years old. Her laugh lines are not that visible either. And her face looks rigid and toned.

There are also speculations that Camilla may have gotten lip fillers because the appearance of her lips also changed in recent months.

Meanwhile, Camilla made headlines this week ahead of the premiere of The Crown Season 4. The hit Netflix series will detail Prince Charles and Camilla’s affair in their upcoming episodes.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s relationship will be at the core of The Crown Season 4. But the series will also explore the fallout of their marriage due to Camilla.

TIME claimed that the royal family would’ve avoided the scandal if only they allowed Prince Charles to wed Camilla in the first place. But the royal family didn’t vouch for Camilla because she wasn’t a virgin and because she didn’t have a title like Princess Diana.

In the book The Diana Chronicles, author Tina Brown said that the virginity of the woman that Prince Charles would marry was of utmost importance to the royal family.

Camilla was also married when she had an affair with Prince Charles. Princess Diana, on the other hand, was still very young so she was presumed to be a virgin.