Adam Brody had made it clear that fans won't be able to see him reunited with the O.C. co-stars in the near future. There are many movies and popular television series whose co-stars are connecting through zoom calls.

In an interview with Matt Cohen, the 40-year-old actor said that he hadn't been involved in anything like that so far. The actor said that he isn't aware if anything such is happening with his co-stars. However, the actor revealed that the creators were talking about having dinner together but then the lockdown began, and because of this, the zoom reunion has turned out to be a big thing.

Brody has played Seth Cohen's character on the show, who is geeky and sweet for four seasons on the show, starting from 2003 to 2007. The actor admitted that his portrayal had given him various opportunities since the show went off-air.

"I always, rightly or wrongly, had some belief in my abilities that I knew that I could probably vary it up. While that character will always be a big part of [my life]," the actor said. He further explains his potential to deliver a lot more than fans can imagine.

Being said that, the actor revealed that there was a time when he felt that he is doing whatever he wanted to do as an actor and it didn't handcuff him or restricted him by any means. Brody further said that he wants to grab roles in the future that is different, according to him.

The actor disclosed that he wants to "differentiate" himself and he isn't worried about it. Since the show came to an end, the actor had portrayed a variety of roles and recently, he gave his fans a glimpse of his character in Shazam, Super Hero Freddy.

The actor revealed how thrilling the experience it is to be a part of a successful franchise and become a superhero. This film is going to be the sequel to the first installment, Shazam! Fury of the Gods. Brody said that he is waiting for updates on his character like others.

The actor explained that the creators deliberately keep everything under the cast members' wrap to ensure that the experience fans get free from any spoilers. The actor said that the movie's production might start in 2021 while he is not sure about it.