Chrissy Teigen is still coping with the major loss in her life. The 34-year-old supermodel, who lost her third child and currently dealing with post-pregnancy loss, has shared her first post on social media.

The model returned to Instagram on Oct. 16 and shared a screenshot of her husband, John Legend's tweet. The 41-year-old singer and songwriter tweeted about his stunning performance at Billboard Music Awards this week.

The singer posted his Never Break song from Bigger Love album, which he released in June. Legend added a few touching lines as a caption along with the video, which was dedicated to his seven years of marriage with Teigen.

In the beginning, Legend addressed his wife Teigen as he wrote that this performance is for Teigen. He said that he loves and cherishes her and the family they have created together a lot. He further mentioned about the lowest low and the highest highs they have experienced together.

The singer further said that it was a humbling and moving experience to watch Teigen carry their kids. Legend praised his wife and said that he is in awe because of the strength she has shown throughout the challenging times in their life.

"What an awesome gift it is to be able to bring life into the world. We’ve experienced the miracle, the power and joy of this gift, and now we’ve deeply felt its inherent fragility," he added. The singer added that the song was written because he had faith that they both will go through every up and down, every test, every tear together as soon as they are "walk this earth."

The singer recalled that they both promised one another on the day of their wedding that they will face every challenge together and the promise is becoming more powerful with every trouble they meet in their journey of life.

Teigen took a screenshot of the touching message and posted it on Instagram with a heartfelt note. She admitted being quiet at this moment but she assured her fans and followers that they both are okay and love their supporters.

In August, the couple announced that they are expecting their third kid together and because of pregnancy complications, she lost her son. The model was rushed to the hospital as soon as she felt uneasy but doctors couldn't save the child due to heavy bleeding. The couple shares two kids together, Miles and Luna.