There have been a slew of rumors surrounding Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani and the majority of them depict that No Doubt singer as a controlling girlfriend.

Two months ago, Globe claimed that Stefani agreed to return to The Voice so she could monitor what Shelton is doing. A source told the tabloid that Stefani is jealous of Kelly Clarkson so she doesn’t want her fellow singer anywhere near her boyfriend.

The insider also said that Stefani was becoming increasingly paranoid of the thought that Clarkson leaned on Shelton for comfort following her divorce from Brandon Blackstock.

And the fact that The Voice coaches have become close to each other is making Stefani jealous.

“I get why Gwen is pissed. Suddenly Blake’s on the phone and texting to comfort Kelly — who just happens to be attractive and talented,” the source said.

However, Gossip Cop debunked the tabloid’s claims by saying that Stefani had nothing but positive things to say about Clarkson when she spoke with Entertainment Tonight.

“Well, everyone knows how easy it is to be around Kelly. She is so much fun and she is smart and I have learned a lot from her on the show as well, so I think it is really fun now that I know her that much better to be on a show with the circumstances being so undone,” Stefani said.

Last month, Life & Style claimed that Stefani was smothering Shelton. The source claimed that Shelton was having a blast being on The Voice because this was the only time Stefani wasn’t with her.

As such, Shelton was, allegedly, furious when he found out that Stefani has also agreed to return as coach on The Voice.

But the rumor-debunking site said that Stefani took a break from The Voice due to her Las Vegas residency. And now that it’s over, she has time to return to the program.

There hasn’t been any indication that Stefani is smothering Shelton with love and attention. And if she is, this is entirely for the couple to deal with.

Last week, National Enquirer claimed that Stefani has her boyfriend on a tight leash. Stefani, allegedly, banned Shelton from hanging out with his friends.

The country singer is also, allegedly, having a hard time adjusting to his committed relationship. But Gossip Cop said that this can’t be the case because Shelton has been married twice before.