Prince William, allegedly, snubbed Prince Charles while talking about climate change and the environment.

In the documentary that he and Sir David Attenborough starred in, Prince William said that the latter is his single biggest influence when it comes to his sustainable efforts.

According to royal editor Russell Myers, this might have hurt Prince Charles’ feelings. On the Pod Save the Queen podcast, Russell first praised the Duke of Cambridge for putting himself out there and telling everyone that he’s an environmentalist.

In the ITV documentary, Prince William said that Attenborough is his single biggest influence when it comes to his conversation ideals and views about climate change. 

Myers said that he's not sure how Prince Charles will feel about Prince William's statement. But since the heir to the throne also loves Attenborough, Prince Charles might just take the comment in stride. 

According to New Idea, Prince William may have been doing a lot of things for the environment with his forward-thinking ways. But his dad has also done a lot of things for the environment. As such, it would’ve been more proper if he also credited Prince Charles in the documentary.

Last month, Prince Charles even offered a stark warning of a looming disaster to mark the start of Climate Week NYC.

Prince Charles said that without swift and immediate action at an unprecedented timeframe, the public could miss its chance to resent for a more sustainable and inclusive future.

The future king also acknowledged the fact that the environmental crisis has existed for decades. And it has now become a comprehensive catastrophe that could dwarf the impact of COVID-19. The coronavirus pandemic is, reportedly, a wake-up call that everyone should take seriously.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles and Prince William also made headlines earlier this month after it was revealed that the former wouldn’t be an activist for the environment and the climate like his dad.

While speaking with Express, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said that Prince Charles is the type of Prince of Wales who is an activist. Prince William, as the future Prince of Wales, will, reportedly, have an entirely different approach.

But at the end of the day, Prince William will still share Prince Charles’ enthusiasm for certain issues.