George Clooney and Amal Clooney are, allegedly, having problems in their marriage because of Catherine Zeta-Jones.

According to New Idea, the Ocean’s Eleven actor had an affair with Zeta-Jones. And when Amal found out about their relationship, she, allegedly, had the actress banned from their inner circle.

George and Zeta-Jones are, allegedly, working on a new project together that’s why they need to spend time with each other frequently. But Amal, allegedly, begged her husband not to push through with the project.

The human rights lawyer, allegedly, told George that he can work with whoever he wants to work it as long as it’s not Zeta-Jones.

“Aside from their history together, Catherine is like a Hollywood version of Amal. The chemistry between them. is electric. Even though Catherine is married to Michael Douglas, Amal does not want her husband cozying up to her much sexier doppelganger on a film set,” a source said.

The insider said that George didn’t heed his wife’s request. And he also, allegedly, been telling Amal that she should back off when it comes to his work.

“And this is no different so he and Catherine have been talking a lot lately as he fine-tunes this script. Amal might have hit him with an ultimatum because right now he’s not listening to her,” the source said.

However, Gossip Cop has already debunked the tabloid’s claims by saying that Amal is not jealous of George and Zeta-Jones’ relationship. After all, the A-listers are very professional. Zeta-Jones has also been married to Michael Douglas for 20 years.

Meanwhile, other tabloids have also been concocting dubious stories about George and Amal. Life & Style previously claimed that the couple is going through a trial separation.

One of the problems in their marriage, allegedly, has to do with money. And since they don’t want to immediately file for divorce, they decided to go the trial separation route.

Globe also claimed that George and Amal are fighting over their living arrangements. A source claimed that George told his wife that he wants to leave Hollywood and live in Lake Como.

But since Lake Como is the last place that Amal wants to be in, she and George, allegedly, got into a massive fight.

However, it is important to note that none of these claims are correct. George and Amal are not having problems in their marriage.