Meghan Markle has, allegedly, banned Kate Middleton from seeing her 1-year-old nephew, Archie.

According to Woman’s Day, Middleton reached out to Markle after she found out that she’s trying to get pregnant. The Duchess of Cambridge, allegedly, wanted to congratulate Markle for trying IVF and said that she hopes she can raise her kids in the United Kingdom.

However, Middleton’s attempts to bury the hatchet with Markle fell on deaf ears. Instead of warming up to the future queen consort, Prince Harry’s wife, allegedly, became enraged.

After all, Markle couldn’t forget how the royal family, particularly Middleton treated her during the 18 months that she was a senior working royal.

“Meghan feels so utterly disillusioned by her 18 months as a member of the monarchy that she has no intention of going back there or taking her kids. She doesn’t see the need for any of the people who made her life so miserable – especially Kate, who she has a huge vendetta against – to have anything to do with Archie or his future siblings,” the source said.

Despite Markle’s lack of compassion for Middleton, the source claimed that Prince William’s wife still hopes that things will get better one day.

“Kate loves children and regardless of the bad blood between her and Meghan, she would forgive it all in a heartbeat if she got to spend more time with darling Archie and this apparent new niece or nephew. She still holds out hope that they can mend fences so Harry’s children can come home and grow up with their cousins – whatever their differences, the kids come first, surely. She has said as much to Meghan,” the source said.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry, allegedly, wants his kids to have a relationship with their cousins, Prince William, and Middleton. However, he can’t do anything about Markle’s decision.

“Harry takes her lead on everything, probably including this. Deep down he must be heartbroken to know his kids won’t have the same upbringing as Kate and William’s kids. Despite it all, he loves his family and there’s no need for a hardline reaction like this. But he’s powerless in this relationship,” the source said.

However, it is unlikely for Middleton to have reached out to Markle recently. After all, Markle’s pregnancy couldn’t have been the reason behind the call because the Suits alum isn’t expecting another baby with Prince Harry.