Charlie Puth, 28, has called out the BTS ARMY to put an end to the “dangerous, toxic, internet screaming match” against him. This was after the singer-songwriter was pointed out by the number of direct comments he is receiving on his several TikTok posts, one such accusation read: "Remember when you used Jungkook for clout?"

The BTS fandom was making remarks to the 22-year-old ‘Euphoria’ singer and BTS member, who was allegedly taken advantage by Puth for “fame,” Variety reported.

Charlie Puth took his stand against the false accusation on his Twitter on July 5 posting a 4-lengthed post about the said matter. “…but something has to be said,’’ Puth wrote, following his statement about him not usually giving attention to those kind of affair. “I’m 28 years old, so it doesn’t really mean anything to me...” Puth added.

However, the “Attention” singer praised BTS saying he loves all seven lads and how they are super talented. According to the singer, what made him to speak out was the accusation thrown at him in using BTS as a “clout,” which leads him to be confused about something he hadn’t done.

In 2018, Charlie Puth performed his hit-duet with Selena Gomez entitled “We Don’t Talk Anymore” at the MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards in South Korea with BTS’ Jungkook, who later on was joined by the rest of the Bangtan members (RM, Suga, J-hope, V, Jimin, and Jin) singing their “Fake Love” track -- which Puth said is his most favorite BTS song.

As per Puth, negative language such as those who he was called upon is affecting deeply the younger kids on Twitter being able to see “stuff” like those on a daily basis. The 28-year-old singer then pleaded to everyone to treat everyone nicer and love each other more considering the crisis we all are facing today. “No more screaming about made up nonsense,” Puth wrote.

The fans of BTS instantly reacted to Puth’s tweet. One Twitter user commented and thanked Puth for being mature in handling this kind of situation. The user even apologized in behalf of the ‘adult’ army.

Charlie Puth, a Grammy-nominated awardee, recently dropped his newest single “Girlfriend” on June 25. In 2015, the New Jersey born singer breaks the record charts with Wiz Khalifa with their Paul Walker tribute song “See You Again.” Puth is also the singer responsible for the hit-tracks “Attention” in 2017 and “One Call Away” in 2016.

On the other side of the world, BTS was forced to cancel their stadium tour because of the COVID-19 threat, according to reports; BTS is scheduled to come back to New Jersey for a 2-night concert. BTS was last seen at the “Dear Class of 2020” virtual graduation aired on Youtube where they performed their all-time hit songs “Boy With Luv,” “Spring Day,” and “Mikrokosmos.”