Princess Diana’s fans are not pleased to learn that Kristen Stewart will be playing the role of the late royal in an upcoming movie.

On Twitter, the hashtag “No #KristenStewart” became trending.

One person said that the Twilight star is the worst person to be cast for the role of Princess Diana. Another person said that the Princess of Wales is known for her charm and charisma and Stewart has neither.

Another Princess of Wales fan criticized Stewart’s appearance by saying that she doesn’t fit the part because she doesn’t look gentle enough.

However, some of Stewart’s supporters immediately came to her defense by saying that the fact that people are talking about her means she has power.

Another Stewart fan said that she’s excited to see her idol portray Princess Diana because she always brings her heart, love, and honor to every character she portrays.

Last week, director Pablo Larrain explained his decision to cast Stewart for the iconic role. He told Deadline that the Charlie’s Angels actress is one of the greatest actors of today.

The director also said that in order to do the character well, the actor needs to have some sort of mystery and this is what Stewart has. Larrain said that Stewart has the ability to be mysterious, fragile, and strong.

A source close to Stewart told OK! magazine that the actress is both excited and nervous to bring Princess Diana back to life on the big screen. The source said that the actress is feeling the pressure.

“Kristen remembers the day Diana died; and like everyone, she was fixated by Princess Di’s extraordinary life. She hopes to do her justice,” the source said.

As of late, there is still no word on when the biopic will be released. Since Hollywood is still on a hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is still unclear when Stewart will start filming for her new role.

Meanwhile, Princess Diana also made headlines this week amid claims that she screamed following a hilarious prank in the kitchen.

Former royal chef Darren McGrady revealed how he put a dead grouse in a box in the kitchen at Balmoral Castle. When the Princess of Wales walked in, McGrady pulled the string that was attached to the bird and Princess Diana screamed in surprise.

The former royal chef also said that he and Princess Diana had so much fun while they were in Balmoral.