A recent article claims Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are talking to each other but the actress has not told her husband Keith Urban about this. 


A tabloid wants the readers to believe that the Big Little Lies star is in touch with her former husband, albeit secretly. An anonymous tipster claimed that the actress is doing so without intimating her current spouse.


Cruise and Kidman got divorced way back in 2001 and a source told the publication that Kidman hated his guts. However, the source mentioned that the Top Gun actor has mellowed down lately and the duo is in touch. 


It was also alleged that the exes have reconnected because of their adopted children Connor and Isabella Cruise. Reports have it that Kidman is not in touch with them ever since she split with Cruise.

The same source stated the actress is trying to play with fire because she is not open about it with Urban. The source claims that the Aussie actress could not keep in contact with them due to Urban. 

As such, the actress feels the most convenient way to manage the issue is to be secretive about her communication with Cruise. Rumors had floated both Connor and Isabella followed Tom Cruise into his controversial religious belief, which has led to Nicole Kidman being aloof from them. 


Meanwhile, the actress had a candid interview with The Sun where she hinted of now having a positive relationship with both her adopted children. She mentioned it is their choice to be Scientologists. On the other hand, it is the job of parents to always shower their children with “unconditional love.”


Kidman added that parents should be always there to support and love their children. The actress has been mostly tight-lipped about her relationship with her adopted kids. At the same time, she has been quite clear of her support for them publicly. 


So, it seems a bit odd that she will hide this from Keith Urban. When Gossip Cop got in touch with a spokesperson of the actress, they have intimated the story was incorrect. 


The representative categorically told the website that Kidman is not having any “secret chats” with her former husband about her two older children. She is also not trying to hide anything from Urban. 


Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are known as a happily married couple since 2006 though there have been stories about them not being happy time and again. Also, the report of the actress having secret conversations with Tom Cruise without her husband’s knowledge appears to be incorrect.