The bitter feud between Ivanka Trump and her stepmother Melania Trump, which has been ongoing for the past 18 years, is reportedly threatening to derail Donald Trump's bid for a second White House term. Insiders reveal that the two women, who are locked in a savage struggle over the ex-president's $3 billion fortune, have been engaged in a war of insults, cheap shots, and dirty tricks, leaving the former president caught between the two most important women in his life.

"Melania and Ivanka hate being in the same room — and never speak except to hiss catty comments," an insider told GLOBE. "From the very first moment they met, they've viewed each other as mortal enemies."

Sources claim that Ivanka, 42, considers Melania, 53, a gold-digging opportunist who pales in comparison to her late mother, Czech-born socialite Ivana Trump. Meanwhile, confidants say that Melania secretly refers to her eldest stepdaughter as "The Princess" and sees her as a spoiled brat with an unbounded sense of entitlement.

The colossal catfight has reportedly worsened due to Ivanka's belief that she and her brothers, Donald Jr., 46, and Eric, 40, are the rightful heirs to their father's empire, while Barron, Melania's only child with Trump, is entitled to mere scraps. Sources say that Ivanka's brothers share her disdain for their elegant stepmother, whom they view as a cold fish, and their half-brother, who turns 18 on March 20.

During Trump's presidential term, Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, served as trusted advisers to the commander-in-chief, resulting in Melania being frozen out of discussions about government policy and her husband's business dealings, according to sources.

"Ivanka had a big vision to assume many of the traditional responsibilities of the first lady once her father was elected," a source explained. "She saw herself as becoming a modern-day Jackie O — with all of the glamour and youth and energy of the Kennedys."

However, Melania fought back against Ivanka's attempts to usurp her role as first lady, as detailed in the new book "American Woman: The Transformation of the Modern First Lady, from Hillary Clinton to Jill Biden." Insiders reveal that Melania waged a relentless campaign to end the humiliation of being overshadowed by her stepdaughter.

"Melania may have given the impression she didn't care about being first lady," an insider shared. "But she was privately obsessed with any mention of herself in the media. It was a role she felt was rightfully hers — and she wasn't going to see Ivanka take it from her!"

The power struggle between the two women has left such deep wounds that neither of them wants to be involved in Trump's 2024 run against incumbent Joe Biden. Ivanka announced more than a year ago that she would have nothing to do with her father's reelection bid, while Melania has been largely absent since it began.

Sources say that the bitchy battle ultimately comes down to cash, especially in light of recent court orders requiring Trump and his companies to pay millions in fines and damages. With the ex-president appealing these verdicts, insiders claim that Ivanka and Melania are already fighting for every last nickel of his remaining fortune.

"Donald isn't even dead and they're already fighting for every last nickel," an insider griped. "No wonder these two women despise each other!"

As the bitter feud between Ivanka Trump and Melania Trump continues to escalate, it remains to be seen how their ongoing rivalry will impact Donald Trump's bid for a second term in the White House. With both women harboring deep resentments and vying for control over the former president's fortune, the tension within the Trump family threatens to overshadow his political ambitions and further complicate an already contentious campaign.