In a recent speech addressing the nation's economy, President Joe Biden has come under scrutiny for asserting that he served as a professor at the University of Pennsylvania for four years. This claim, however, has been met with skepticism and criticism, as evidence supporting his assertion appears scant.

During his speech in Maryland on September 14, Biden stated, "Democracy is at stake, folks. Our democracy is under attack. And we gotta fight for it. I taught at the University of Pennsylvania for four years. And I used to teach political theory." The President, who previously served as the Senator of Delaware, emphasized the importance of every generation fighting for democracy.

However, shortly after his remarks, clips of the speech began to circulate on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. The online community was quick to challenge the President's claim. One user sarcastically commented, "Biden's pretend life sounds very fun and interesting," while another quipped about his alleged presence during significant historical events.

The debate intensified as some users labeled Biden as either a "late-stage dementia patient" or a "serial liar." Others, however, pointed out that while Biden might have had an association with the University of Pennsylvania, it did not necessarily involve teaching. One individual noted, "They just gave him money and he had an office if I remember right."

The term "National embarrassment" was also used by a user in reference to the President's claim. This isn't the first time Biden's statements have been questioned. A journalist from the Washington Times, Jeff Mordock, recently highlighted several instances where the President's claims were dubious. Mordock mentioned Biden's assertion of being at Ground Zero the day after the September 11 attacks and his claim of witnessing the Pittsburgh bridge collapse.

In response to these allegations, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby clarified that Biden visited Ground Zero "about a week or so after" the attacks, not the day after as previously claimed. Kirby emphasized the President's commitment to ensuring that such an attack never recurs.

The recent controversy adds to a series of challenges the Biden administration faces, as it navigates complex domestic and international issues. As the debate continues, it underscores the importance of accurate communication from the nation's highest office and the scrutiny that comes with it.