Jennifer Aniston is allegedly worried about Brad Pitt after learning that he’s dating Ines de Ramon.

A source told Closer UK that Aniston couldn’t help but think about her ex-husband and the fact that he’s dating a much younger model. The Friends star allegedly thinks that it’s only a matter of time before Pitt gets his heart broken by de Ramon.

“Jen and Brad have got really friendly in recent years, but this new romance has made her back off. She’s told friends she’s got a bad feeling about it,” the source said.

The source added that Aniston was also in Cabo, Mexico when she found out that Pitt and de Ramon were vacationing there. If she and Pitt were on good terms, they would’ve met up but they didn’t.

“Jen and Brad were in Cabo at the same time last week. Under normal circumstances, they would have met up, but Jen didn’t reach out this time as she knew he had his new girl on his arm. Jen also has mutual friends close to Ines’ ex-husband Paul and naturally, that’s swayed her opinion. Jen knows she can’t really say anything, but she’s already thinking there are red flags,” the source said.

But friends of Aniston are allegedly reminding her that she shouldn’t get involved in Pitt’s new relationship. After all, they are nothing more than friends so she shouldn’t rock the boat too much.

As of late, multiple publications have been reporting about Pitt and de Ramon’s relationship. However, the A-listers have not confirmed the real score between them.

While it is true that they recently went to Cabo, there’s no proof that Aniston was there at the same time that they were vacationing at the beach.

And there is also no indication that Aniston is worried about Pitt because of his age gap with de Ramon.

All these claims were just made up by the tabloid to make it seem as though Aniston still has feelings for Pitt.

However, The Morning Show star has made it clear that she and Pitt are just friends. In fact, she once called Pitt her buddy. So, any claim that she still has feelings for her ex-husband is not true.

And the only reason why the rumors haven’t died down is that Aniston is still single today.