Steve Harvey is sharing an insight into how his daughter, Lori Harvey, is doing these days, months after her split from Michael B. Jordan.

Entertainment Tonight said the 65-year-old television personality talked about the matter during a recent engagement on the “Today” show. He shared some of the advice he gave her and even praised the 25-year-old model for doing a “really good job.”

In the exchange, Harvey first told the hosts that he has “got to be careful” with his answers when he was asked about the advice he gave his daughter following her “public breakup.” He quipped, “My daughter is in my behind. I’m not allowed to talk about anything.”

But, the “Steve Harvey Morning Show” host went on to share that he has given Lori Harvey “advice quite a few times.” Although, he noted that things are challenging and “difficult” because his daughter is only 25.

Steve Harvey explained in the exchange that the model is unlike anyone else in the public because she is a figure. Accordingly, her mistakes get “publicized.”

ET, in its report published Thursday, quoted the television personality from the engagement, saying in part, “She’s growing up as a public figure. She doesn’t get to make her mistakes like everybody else.”

It continues, “Everybody else gets to make their mistakes in the cloak of darkness at their house. Hers gets publicized.”

Despite this, Harvey told the hosts that his daughter has “done a really good job of figuring it out and getting it right.”

He added, “I think she’s at a great place in her life right now. I think she’s content with Lori. I think that’s a great place for her to start from.”

Reports of the split between Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan first made headlines earlier in June.

At the time, a source reportedly close to the two celebrities told People that they had called it quits and broken up after dating for more than a year.

It is also claimed that both personalities were “completely heartbroken,” before adding, however, that “they still love each other.”

Following the claims, the magazine shared that it reached out to the reps for Jordan and Harvey. But, it noted in its report, published in June, that the actor’s camp could not be reached for comment, while the model’s party did not immediately respond to the request.

Us Weekly recalls in a report that Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey first sparked romance speculations in November 2020.

But, it was not until January of the following year that they confirmed their relationship via Instagram post, as per the outlet.