Britney Spears is reportedly making an effort to reunite with her sons and “repair” her relationship with them. She is allegedly doing so by pressing pause from posting “racy” photos and videos on her social media accounts.

HollywoodLife learned the claims from an insider, who spoke to them about the matter. As noted, weeks have passed since the 40-year-old artist began her reported effort.

The publication quoted the source, alleging, “Britney is now making a concerted effort to repair the relationship with her sons. She has refrained from posting what her friends call ‘racy’ photos and videos on her Instagram for two weeks.”

The “Sometimes” singer’s closest friends were reportedly the ones who were able to get through to her about the matter. While it is said that they “think it is wonderful that she is proud of her body,” the source stated that they “were able to make her see why this may be inappropriate for her boys, who only want the best for her.”

The outlet noted in its report that Britney Spears has not shared any racy content in her last 35 posts on Instagram. It stated that she has filled her feed with meaningful quotes from poems, clips of her morning bike rides to the beach, and videos of herself dancing in her tamed-down outfits.

The claims come days after the “Oops I Did It Again” singer’s youngest son spoke to ITV News for an interview, wherein he talked about his mother and their relationship.

In one part of the engagement, published earlier this month, Britney Spears’ 15-year-old child shared his thoughts about his mother’s social media activities. He said, ‘It’s like almost as if she has to put something on Instagram to get attention.”

The artist’s son also noted in the exchange that “this has gone on for years,” adding that “there’s a high chance that this is never going to really stop.”

Even so, Spears’ youngest child, whom she shares with her former husband, Kevin Federline, hopes, one day, she will no longer post as much, telling the outlet, “I’m hoping for me, maybe she will.”

Elsewhere in the report from HL, published Friday, the source continued that people know how “beautiful” the songstress is. They, alongside those in her circle, also reportedly “understand why” she posts as much, noting “she wanted to express herself.”

But, the insider told the outlet that Britney Spears is “starting to see why this may cause her sons to feel a certain way.” So, “If this is the only roadblock, she will do her best to stay in the safe lane and keep her page PG,” with the source adding that “she is really trying to do so because she misses” her sons. 

Meanwhile, the "Gimme More" singer has yet to release a statement confirming the report.