Harry Styles is allegedly turned off by drama that’s why he decided to end his relations with Olivia Wilde.

According to Life & Style, the former One Direction member realized that being with Wilde means he would have to deal with all the drama that was going on in her life.

Wilde is feuding with the father of her kids, Jason Sudeikis over the custody of their children. Even though a judge already ruled in her favor, there’s still tension between her and her ex-boyfriend.

The actress is also rumored to be feuding with Florence Pugh after the latter skipped the press conference for Don’t Worry Darling. And then there’s an issue with Shia LaBeouf who allegedly got fired for his role in the movie, but the actor stressed that he quit the project.

“It just became too much drama for Harry. He had enough and quietly dumped Olivia. Harry did it before the Venice premiere, but the writing was on the wall way before they stepped foot in Europe. Olivia made everything too toxic,” the source said.

At the start of the couple’s relationship, it seemed as though Styles was heavily invested in Wilde. In fact, he didn’t leave her amid her issues with Sudeikis. But when things escalated and more problems surfaced, he became concerned.

“The negative energy surrounding their film was too much for Harry. All the drama and deception associated with Olivia – it destroyed everything,” the source said.

Of course, Wilde is allegedly devasted by Styles’ decision. After all, she is madly in love with him and wanted their relationship to work out.

“Losing Harry, especially over so much public scrutiny regarding her character is both heartbreaking and embarrassing,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There’s no proof that Styles already called it quits with Wilde. The couple was just seen together during the premiere of their movie.

And even though it may be true that Wilde has so many things going on in her life right now, it also seems as though Styles is in a relationship with her for all the right reasons.

If the couple already ended their relationship, more reputable sources would’ve already reported about it. But they haven’t which means that Styles and Wilde are still together.