Bradley Cooper allegedly risked his life during his battle with depression and addiction.

According to Life & Style, things were so bad for the actor to the point that he almost died.

“Bradley’s addictions became so severe that if he’d continued down that path, he could’ve died. He would stay up for days, was constantly sneaking off to the bathroom, and seemed to always be sweating profusely. It was really bad,” the source said.

The source also claimed that Cooper struggled with his popularity. After getting fired from Alias, he reportedly lost all his self-esteem.

And during one of his encounters with his friends, an overly confident Cooper thought that he was always the life of the party. But he was called out and told that this isn’t the case.

Since then, Cooper had a wake-up call and he also decided to change his lifestyle. But doing so also came with challenges.

Luckily, Cooper always had the love and support of his former co-star, Jennifer Garner.

“She was his first friend in Hollywood and stood by him. Jen’s door was always open and Bradley would stay with her on down days. He did confess a lot to Jen, but she didn’t know exactly how bad things had gotten. Bradley says he couldn’t have gotten clean without both Jen’s and Will’s support. They saved his life,” the source said.

For now, Cooper is reportedly focused on raising his daughter, Lea. He has become a devoted dad to the adorable girl and she also saved her dad’s life.

The A Star Is Born actor is also single right now. And even though he’s not in a rush to settle down, the source insisted that a wife is the only thing that’s missing from Cooper’s life.

“A wife is the only thing missing in his life. He’s back on the dating scene and would love to get married one day to someone nice and normal. He’s thinking the second time’s a charm. Bradley wants to stay on the straight and narrow, not only for Lea but also for himself. He still goes to Alcoholics Anonymous all these years later. He’d spiraled to a really dark place and refuses to ever go back there again,” the source said.

Cooper has always been open about his struggles with addiction. But he has fully recovered from it.